Monday, May 22, 2017

Rose Quartz Garden Bracelet and Simple Drop Earrings

             A few weeks ago I was standing in my craft room staring blankly into the closet.

I was looking to see what I had and what would spark inspiration. Have you ever had one of those

days where you want to be creative but you don't know what to make? Well, that was how I was

feeling. Let me tell you, I get stuck, really get stuck. I will find myself looking at those

wonderful things to create with and no ideas at all. Nothing. A creative void of emptiness and there

no escape..... Okay, that might have a little bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea.
            After pulling myself out of my funk I decided to take all of  my beads out and see what I had

to work with. Turns out I had quite a bit. Looking at greens, purples, and pinks and then looking at

them again; (dramatic pause)and maybe a few more times after that. I found the perfect color

combos for my next couple of projects.

        Now to lay out all the pieces and put it all together. You know, putting jewelry together is a lot

like putting a puzzle together. You lay the pieces out, organize and start assembling. Then you make

a huge mess and then look for all the pieces, find you are missing some and spend half an hour

looking for all the tiny pieces. Finally, you get everything together and you are super excited.

            The earrings are very simple and elegant. They were so simple to make. Just take a headpin ( 

these have a little ball on the end). Add some beads in a cute design and attach to the fish hook 

earrings with some pliers by making a loop. So easy and you can customize the colors.

              The Garden Bracelet has a cute little rose dangle on one end and in the middle is a nice 

a tree branch or vine. Just string some Rose Quartz on two pieces of jewelry wire and attach them to 

the branch with a crimping bead. Do the same to secure both ends. I always give a little tug to make 

sure all the ends are secure. I made and added the dangle or drop the same way I made the earrings. 

Make sure to measure your wrist before you cut the wire to make sure it's the right size.

Now, go to your craft room and get creative. If you get stuck that's okay. Inspiration is everywhere, 

even in your craft room closet. What's your favorite project to work on when you have the creative bug? Have a sweet day!

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