Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Green Aventurine for Spring

                                     Green Aventurine is on of my favorite semiprecious stones. It

helps with stress and we all need a little stressful relief every once in a while. The

little red ones next are garnet chips. Aren't  they pretty? Let's just sit here for a

moment and appreciate the beautiful deep red color. What semiprecious stone

speaks to you the most?

                                      When I was little I loved them all. I even had a small rock

collection. I loved examining each one to see what was hidden in them. I still can't

get enough of them. Now, I make jewelry with them. Let's  get started with this

tutorial.  You won't need much and it's  super easy to make.

              Green Aventurine beads

               Garnet chips

               Glass pearls

               Stretchy jewelry string.

                Brush on nail glue

        Note: You can get all of these these things at your local bead store or craft store.

The nail glue you can get at any retail store.

                  Step 1: measure your wrist to make sure you have enough string and cut the string.

                  Step 2: Sting the Green Aventurine until you are happy with the amount.

Remember, not to put to many or you won't have room for the other beads.

                  Step 3: Add the Garnet then the glass pearls. Test it out around your wrist

before you tie it.

                  Step4: Tie the string in a know a few times. And then brush the glue onto

the knot to make sure it doesn't come untied. Be careful and don't touch to glue. Let

it dry for a few hours and now you have a beautiful stretch bracelet to wear.

There you have it super easy and fun to make. I would love to see your finished

projects on Instagram. Tag droposweetness to share you finished projects. Have a

sweet day!

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