Thursday, July 7, 2011

A small project while you wait.

First, I would like to apolagize for getting off on a rough start. I know that I am suppose to have a recipe and a picture up for this week already, but some things have come up and I had no choice but to wait a little longer. So, I thought that until I can get things in order I would post a little project. It's not a big one just something to get the creative juices flowing. I want everyone to find a food that you like and dip it in chocolate. Then try it. It can be milk chocolate, white chocolate, or dark. After this little expiriment post what you thought about the combination. Did you like it, or didn't you? Was it good or could it have been better? Did you absolutly love it? I would like the food that you choose to be something you have never tried with chocolate before. Remember this is just for fun and to try something new. Have fun.

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