Monday, February 6, 2017

Simple Nachos with Grilled Chicken


                          I know I said I was only going to post once a week, but I just had to share this with

you. This is how we make our nachos. Now, I know the ones in the picture look a little plain. That's

just how I like mine. You can always add other things and we will get into that on the actual recipe.

First, the story than the recipe.

                         It was game day and. of course, we had to have nachos. What's football without junk

food, fight? Originally, my husband was the first to arrange this wonderful mountain of gooeyness.

He seasoned and grilled the chicken. He also talked me into adding beans. Since then I have taken

over the duties of nacho making. Yes, I realize that bean is usually on nachos, but I never cared for

them until my dear hubby talked me into giving them another try. Now, I can't go without them.

                       The game itself wasn't very exciting to me. I guess I was still a little bitter after my

the team lost horribly that last playoff game. Can you guess which team? I'll give you a hint: Green and

yellow is their colors. That's right. The Green Bay Packers! They were so close and it seemed like

they just gave up that last game. Oh well, there's always next year.

                      This recipe is super simple and very yummy. The kids will love it just as much as the



3 Chicken breasts

1 jar of Queso

1 30 oz. can of refried beans

1 can of sliced olives

1 bag of Tortilla chips

sour cream, guacamole, salsa etc. (optional)

garlic salt


1. Season both sides of chicken with garlic salt. Cook on grill pan or grill until done.

2. Place chicken on cutting board to cool.

3. Warm refried beans in a medium saucepan until hot. Warm up queso.

4. Cut chicken into cubes and assemble your nachos.

Add any other toppings you would like. Smoked paprika would a nice addition. Enjoy! Serves 4

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