Thursday, March 1, 2018

Spring placemats- Garden Walk


Happy first day of March everyone! Soon flowers will be blooming, 

birds will be chirping and nature will be screaming Spring. It's my favorite time of 

year. A time for new life to begin and new adventures to be taken. what are your 

favorite things about this time of year? 

                             There are so many things I have planned for this season. Before I get 

into that let's talk about February. How was the month of love for you? Was it fun 

and exciting? New and full of wonder? Just everyday life? Remember that in the 

everyday life there are fun and exciting, new and full of wonder everywhere you go. 

You just have to know where to look. Take time to look around when out and about; 

running errands and take time to appreciate the world around you. it's a good stress reliever, you know?

                          February, for me, was a normal month. Not a lot of stress some goals 

were met. I lost 15lbs and gained energy. I've also started reflecting on my life and 

other goals I have for myself. Time was not wasted for sure. I've also made some 

sewing and baking goals.

1. Make some throw pillows.

2. Work on and finish my second quilt.

3. Get up the nerve to sew clothes.

4. learn how to bake and make my own recipes that are low carb.

5. Decorate the craft room.

Okay, so, number five isn't specifically sewing, but it will have a mini quilt on the 

wall and some pillows on the futon. 

Although sewing has been slow I did finish some beautiful Spring placemats. They 

inspired me to start bringing florals and bright colors into my home.


                                 Pretty aren't they? I know, you're probably tired of seeing

placemats. It's just hard not to share them with you. They are so easy and such a fast

project to make. What would you like to see me make? I can always try a new craft

and share the trials and errors of learning a new craft. Would you like to see more

crochet? Let me know in the comments below.

                         Until next time stays sweet.

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