Saturday, October 29, 2011

This Would Happen to Me- Update

So, the oven repair guy came to check the oven yesterday, and it turned out that the igniter was broken. It didn't burn out or anything; I guess a wire in it came out and it was not fixable. He ended up replacing the part.

It didn't take very long and, to my surprise, the price wasn't too bad either.

Yay! My oven works again! I can not begin to tell you all how excited I am to have it back up and running again, and I didn't have to wait that long either. Also, it is working better than ever. The oven heats up so much faster now. I'm so excited!

So, thank you oven repair guy for saving my sanity and getting my oven up and running again. And, thank you readers for your encouraging words. I couldn't have gotten throught those two ovenless days without them.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Would Happen to Me

Today I have some slightly upsetting news. I thought I would share it all with you.

Yesterday evening we prepared some enchiladas for a very late dinner; as tired and as hungry as we were we still had to make dinner. While my husband was putting the enchiladas I turned the oven on to preheat it. Always preheat your oven.

While the oven was warming up, or so we thought, I got my daughter started on her bed time routine (she had eaten something else earlier).

So, my daughter is brushing her teeth when I decided to go back downstairs. That's when my husband gives me the news. The oven isn't working. Of couse my mind goes straight to the baking projects that I have thought up; not how we are going to cook our dinner.

He tried to light it, our stove is gas by the way, nothing worked. So, he decided to cook the enchildas on the grill. They turned out great, and we ate until we were stuffed. This entire time I keep trying to figure out how I'm going to bake.

After arguing with myself I have decided that I can't bake anything until it's fixed. I can, however, still make candy and try my hand at no bake cookies. I've never made no bake cookies before so that should be interesting.

So, there it is my friends. I am ovenless at the moment. I will try to keep you all updated and let you know what happens.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday cupcakes

My daughter recently turned 3, so this year I decided to let her decorate her own cupcakes for her party. The cupcakes themselves were just made from a mix and the frosting was store bought as well. It was just easier do make them that way this year.

So, we went to the store and got some sprinkles and some jelly beans. When we got home I baked and frosted the cupcakes. Then I let her do whatever she wanted to do with the decorating. She had so much fun.

When I saw the finished cupcakes I just had to take a picture and share it with all of you. I was so proud of here. She did better than expected; maybe next year I will teach her how to use decorating tips. I'm not the best at it but I'm sure she would love it. So, here is the picture of  the cupcakes. I hope you enjoy it.

On to other news; I am still working on some more easy recipes and ideas. I have been a little stuck on coming up with some ideas. Wish me luck, and if you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Breakfast Cupcakes with a Cinnamon Glaze

It seems like it has been a while since I have posted here, and for that I am sorry. The good news is that I have a recipe to post today. Yay! They are cupcakes, yum, with a cinnamon glaze. They are so good and they are the perfect thing for breakfast.

Why cupcakes and not muffins, you ask? Well, I wanted to try something different. Althought, these cupcake do not have frosting on them. I thought frosting would be too sweet for morning. That's why I topped them with a glaze instead. Theses vanilla cupcakes have pecans and raisins in them to add some fall flavors. I hope you enjoy them and try your own combonations.

What you will need:

white box cake mix
vegitable oil
egg whites
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup raisins


1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 T. milk
1/2 tsp. cinnamon

What to do:

1. Make cake mix. Following the directions on the box.

2. Add pecans and raisins. Mix well.

3.Pour mixture into cupcake liners in a muffin pan.

4.Bake cupcakes according to the instructions on the box.

5. While the cupcakes are cooling mis powdered sugar and milk together until powdered suger is desalved. Add cinnamon and mix well.

6. While the cupcakes are still warm spread the glaze over the top of the cupcakes.